Auto Repair in Roswell, GA

Auto Repair in Roswell, GA and Surrounding Communities

At Roswell Transmission & Car Care we understand that a breakdown or other car trouble can completely disrupt your day. That's why our team of expert auto mechanics work hard to complete same day car repair services. Our Roswell auto shop is equipped with state of the art computer diagnostic equipment that ensures our knowledgeable technicians can get to the bottom of trouble fast. You'll be back on the road in no time. Give us a call the next time you need auto repair in Roswell and don't forget to ask about free towing within our service area.

  • Computer Diagnostics
  • Engine Repair
  • Radiator Repair
  • Cooling System Repair
  • Alternator Repair
  • Starter Repair
  • Exhaust Repair
  • Sensor Repair
  • Shocks & Struts Service
  • Suspension Repair
  • Steering Repair
  • Auto Electrical Repair
  • Ignition Repair
  • Car AC Repair
  • Battery, Lights & Wipers
  • Free Towing in Service Area

Engine Repair in Roswell, GACheck Engine Light

The check engine light can mean many things, so it is best to visit us for proper diagnostics if it illuminates. We use the latest scan tools to quickly identify why the light is on. Common check engine light problems include a loose gas cap, a failed MAF sensor, a broken oxygen sensor or a malfunctioning catalytic converter. Give us a call to schedule an appointment for check engine light repair in Roswell, GA, or the surrounding communities before the problem gets any worse.

Automotive AC Repair

Are you not getting cold air from your car air conditioner? We offer expert car AC repair & service in Roswell for all makes and models. Our mechanics can repair freon leaks, replace condensers, conduct an AC recharge and complete other auto air conditioning repairs so that you remain comfortable throughout your commute. We know how important it is to have cool air for those long, hot commutes!

Auto Electric Repair

Electrical problems with cars can be difficult to diagnose without proper training. Our ASE certified technicians have more than 50 years of experience, giving them the knowledge they need to perform expert auto electric repair and sensor repair. If you experience odd electrical issues or notice a dashboard indicator light has come on, come see us for quality diagnostics, car fuse repair, car relay repair, car wiring repair or other auto electric repair services.

Brake Repair

If your vehicle has grinding brakes, come see us for a professional brake job in Roswell, GA. We know how important it is to have healthy brakes, which is why we always use the highest quality replacement brake pads, brake rotors, brake cylinders, brake lines and other brake parts when conducting brake repair. Give our brake shop a call at the first sign of trouble, such as squeaky brakes, a soft brake pedal, pulling or vibrations when braking.

Asian and European Auto Repair

We service most makes and models of German, English, Italian, Swedish, Japanese and Korean vehicles. We commonly repair BMW, Mercedes, MINI, Volkswagen (VW), Audi, Volvo, Jaguar, Fiat, Honda, Acura, Hyundai, Kia, Nissan, Subaru, Mitsubishi, Lexus, Infiniti and other types of vehicles from Europe and Asia.

Domestic Auto Repair

Domestic Auto Repair in Roswell, GAOur team offers expert domestic car repair for all current and defunct American car brands. We would be happy to service your Chevrolet, Ford, Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, Lincoln, Cadillac, RAM, Buick, GMC, Plymouth, Pontiac, Mercury, Hummer, Oldsmobile or other make. No matter what trouble it is having, our team can fix it!

The next time that your car gives you any issues, head to Roswell Transmission & Car Care. Our professional auto mechanics will provide your vehicle with the services it needs, and nothing it doesn't. To learn more about our Roswell car shop, or to request an estimate for the cost of car repair in Roswell, please don't hesitate to give us a call at (770) 635-5971. Thank you for choosing us for your car care needs.

"Needed transmission work done on our box truck. Gary and his team worked diligently to get the truck back on the road as quickly as possible and for a price under what was originally quoted. I HIGHLY recommend this company for their honest work!"