Quick Tips for Keeping Your Brakes in Excellent Condition

Quick Tips for Keeping Your Brakes in Excellent Condition

Quick Tips for Keeping Your Brakes in Excellent ConditionFor your brakes to continue working optimally well into the future, you'll want to take some basic measures. However, if you do notice signs of brake failure, then you should visit the shop ASAP for an inspection. At Roswell Transmission and Car Care, our local mechanics are experts at providing brake repair and maintenance in the greater Roswell, GA area.

Helpful Tips for Healthy Brakes

One simple way to prevent unnecessary brake degradation is to always drive within the posted speed limit. If you drive over the speed limit, then you'll have less reaction time if a hazard suddenly emerges. Then you're likely to slam on your brakes. Not only is this a dangerous situation, it also causes braking system parts to wear down faster.

It's also best if you're careful about resting your foot on the brake pedal when you're not actively trying to slow down. When resting your foot on the pedal, it's easy for the brakes to become slightly engaged, which can then cause wear and tear. As you do need to decelerate, it's better for your brakes if you begin the process of slowing down by just easing up on the gas instead of hitting the brake pedal. Then, as you need to slow down at a faster rate, you'll want to be as gentle with hitting your brakes as safely possible. Of course, it'll be easier to brake gently if you keep a safe following distance.

You'll also want to keep up with brake maintenance. Brake pads usually need to be replaced at a point between 30,000 and 50,000 miles. How soon you'll need new pads will largely depend on how hard you are on your brakes during your daily driving routine. And brake fluid should be changed every four or five years. For safe brake function, it's very important that you're driving with the right amount of clean fluid.

Brake Service in Roswell, GA

When you need brake service in Roswell, GA and the surrounding area, contact Roswell Transmission and Car Care at (770) 635-5971. At our local auto shop, we can expertly conduct any type of repair or maintenance that your vehicle needs. Feel free to give us a call today to schedule an appointment!

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Posted: February 2022

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