Signs of Cooling System Failure that We Can Fix at Our Roswell, GA Auto Shop

Signs of Cooling System Failure that We Can Fix at Our Roswell, GA Auto Shop

Signs of Cooling System Failure that We Can Fix at Our Roswell, GA Auto ShopYour car's cooling system consists of a number of parts, including the radiator, water pump, thermostat, hoses, and pressure cap. If there's an issue with any cooling system component, then there's a greater risk that your engine will overheat, which could cause major problems. At Roswell Transmission and Car Care, our local mechanics are experts at identifying and repairing cooling system issues.

Common Symptoms of Cooling System Trouble

When overheating occurs, leaks in the cooling system are often to blame. If your coolant has mysteriously gotten low, then you'll want to find out if you have a coolant leak. An internal coolant leak can cause a lot of white exhaust smoke to emerge from the tailpipe, which is an indication of a blown head gasket. If coolant is leaking externally, then you're liable to see bright green fluid accumulating on the pavement where your car has been parked. It's also possible that your coolant will be a different color, such as yellow, orange, or pink. Another possible sign of a coolant leak is that your coolant warning light has illuminated. A coolant leak can cause fluid pressure to drop, which reduces your coolant's boiling point. In turn, this makes it more likely that white steam will start emerging from under your hood. In the event that you need to add more coolant, your engine should first be given the chance to cool down. If your engine is still hot when you open the cap to add fluid, then scorching fluid may spray up and scald you.

Cooling system trouble could also be brewing if your temperature gauge has climbed into the red zone. In such a situation, it'll be best to safely pull over when you can, and then call up the shop to explain what's going on. Then you can get guidance on if it seems okay to drive your car any further.

Cooling System Repair in Roswell, GA

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Posted: November 2021

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