Alternator Trouble: 6 Common Symptoms

Alternator Trouble: 6 Common Symptoms

For your vehicle to reliably fire up and cruise uninterrupted down the road, you need a healthy alternator. When an alternator malfunctions, power may become drained from the battery to the point that you're unable to get moving. When you first notice a symptom of alternator trouble, you'll want to be proactive about addressing it. Here are six signs of alternator failure.

Dashboard Warning Light

It's common for the first indication of alternator trouble to be an illuminated dashboard warning light that reads GEN or ALT. Some vehicles have this warning light in the shape of a small battery. Whenever a warning light comes on, you'll want to take measures to identify what's triggering it.

Dead Battery

When you put a new battery in your car, it should work dependably for at least three years. But if it dies at an earlier age for no readily apparent reason (such as you left your lights on), then alternator trouble could be to blame.

Issues with Electrical Accessories

Newer vehicles often have computers that figure out which electrical accessories should be powered down first when there's alternator trouble. This conserves energy for the vehicle's most crucial electrical functions. This could be why you're having issues with an electrical accessory such as power seats.

Problems with Headlights

With a faulty alternator, headlights are liable to start malfunctioning. Flickering or dimming headlights can pose a significant safety issue, particularly if you have to drive at night on roads that don't have street lights.

Stalling Out

A failing alternator can result in the spark plugs not receiving enough power. Consequently, your vehicle could stall out, putting you in a difficult situation.

Belt Issue

If you've begun suspecting that your car has an alternator issue, then it's worth popping the hood and doing a quick visual inspection. You may have discovered the cause of your alternator trouble if you see a belt that is cracked or isn't fitting properly.

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Posted: March 8, 2021

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