6 Important Reasons to Stay Current with Oil Changes

6 Important Reasons to Stay Current with Oil Changes

For your engine to perform optimally, you'll want to always stay up to date with your oil change schedule. Typically, conventional oil is supposed to be changed somewhere between 3,000 and 5,000 miles, while synthetic oil doesn't need to be changed as often. If you need to find out your vehicle's recommended oil type and oil change schedule, you can consult your owner's manual or ask someone at the shop. Here are six benefits of getting your oil changed.

Thorough Lubrication

By keeping up with oil changes, it's far more likely that your engine's moving parts will remain fully lubricated and protected from damage that friction could cause. In the event that your oil level does get extremely low, a repetitive tapping noise may arise from your engine.

New Oil Filter

When you get a full-service oil change, it'll include filter replacement, which is important because it'll ensure that you're not driving with a clogged filter that'll prevent oil from properly circulating.

Safe Engine Temperature

Heat needs to be redistributed from your combustion chamber to ensure that your engine temperature remains at a safe level. Clean oil helps with redistributing heat more effectively.

Get Rid of Engine Gunk

If you fall behind on your oil change schedule, your oil may become sludgy due to a buildup of pollutants. When you get your oil changed, this contaminated oil is flushed and your engine will be filled back up with oil that provides stronger protection.

Identify/Address Developing Engine Issues

When you go to a seasoned mechanic for your oil change, you could benefit from the identification of an emerging engine problem that would be easy for others to miss. Then, the issue can be resolved before it worsens and becomes more expensive to repair.

Optimum Engine Power

Your engine will more easily attain the most power if it's operating with the right amount of fresh oil. With more power comes greater efficiency, which could give you a boost in MPGs.

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Posted: April 8, 2021

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