What types of auto maintenance should be completed before a road trip?

What types of auto maintenance should be completed before a road trip?

With the country reopening and the summer sun shining over us, it's very tempting to hit the open road. Before you jump on the interstate, it's important that your vehicle is totally prepared to drive long distances in sweltering heat. At Roswell Transmission and Car Care, our local mechanics can get your car fully ready for your big adventure.

Important Road Trip Maintenance Tasks

For your car to be able to handle the heat, there are certain kinds of maintenance that should be done. When you visit us for AC service, we'll look over your entire AC system and ensure that all components are working efficiently. For you and your passengers to remain in good spirits when the heat becomes blazing, it's crucial that your AC is working dependably. Another way to help your car keep the heat in check is with cooling system service, during which we'll make sure that all aspects of your car's cooling system are working efficiently. We'll also exchange coolant if needed. Generally, coolant should be exchanged every 30,000 miles, though it's worth consulting your owner's manual to see your vehicle's exact mileage guidelines for this task. With the right amount of clean coolant, there's much less risk of your engine suffering major damage due to overheating.

Prior to your departure, you'll also want to make sure your car can be trusted to keep you safe. When we conduct brake service, we'll inspect your whole braking system, lubricate brake parts as needed, and replace worn-out pads. For optimal safety on the open road, it's critical that your brakes are functioning flawlessly. Another important safety measure is to check your tire pressure. Typically, tire pressure is supposed to be at a point between 30 and 35 psi. You'll want to check your tires' for their precise specification and inflate them as required. With proper tire pressure, there's less risk of a blowout putting you at a heightened risk of an accident. A quick and affordable way to boost safety is by replacing old wiper blades. With new wiper blades, it'll be easier to see the road ahead if a summertime thunderstorm suddenly unleashes a downpour over the highway.

Auto Maintenance in Roswell, GA

If you need auto maintenance before a road trip, contact Roswell Transmission and Car Care at (770) 635-5971. At our local auto shop, we can conduct any type of repair or maintenance that your car needs before you hit the road. Feel free to give us a call today to schedule an appointment!

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Posted: July 31, 2021

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